How elections have changed in ten years

Linguist Dinara Chekirova found herself on the team of observers by accident almost 10 years ago. This difficult, but interesting activity fascinated her so much that since then she has been regularly observing the elections in Kyrgyzstan. Osh, Kara-Suu, Aravan, Alai, Bishkek - the list of settlements where she had a chance to work is constantly growing. How have the electoral processes changed over these ten years? Here are the main points that Dinara Chekirova noted: 1) The process of fair, clean elections is just being formed. We are on our way to civil, democratic society. 2) The introduction of the automated control system made it impossible for the massive stuffing of ballots. 3) There are two main types of violations - vote-buying and misuse of administrative resources. 4) Vote-buying became more hidden in the last elections to local keneshes. The situation forced the party to look for other ways out. 5) The work of observers is useful. 6) The fight against vote-buying has already begun.

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