About us

The Common Cause Public Foundation is a non-profit organization established to monitor elections in the Kyrgyz Republic, implement civic education projects, and promote greater citizen participation in governance processes.
The Common Cause PF was established on March 27, 2019 upon the initiative of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, professionals and specialists involved in the process of democratic transformations, such as the monitoring of elections, the assistance in the development of parliamentarism, sociological researches on significant social and political topics with the aim to improve the quality of public services, as well as civic education.
The supervisory function over the activity of the organization is vested in the Supervisory Board that consists of active citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who care about the future of the country. The Foundation carries out its activities on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Our vision is a society where citizens, as equal members of society, participate in the decision-making process at all levels and are aware of their importance in democratic processes.