Preliminary Statement on the findings of non-partisan monitoring of the repeat parliamentary elections on February 27, 2022

Preliminary Statement on the findings of non-partisan monitoring of the repeat parliamentary elections on February 27, 2022

Preliminary Statement 

on the findings of non-partisan monitoring of the repeat parliamentary elections on February 27, 2022

The Public Foundation "Common Cause" (hereinafter - the Foundation) conducted a non-partisan monitoring of the repeat parliamentary elections on February 27, including the pre-election period, the preparation of polling stations for the processes of opening, voting, closing and vote counting on the election day at 68 polling stations, including 34 stations in Pervomaisky constituencies), and 34 stations in Sverdlovskiy constituencies).

The preliminary statement is based on the assessment of data from the pre-election process, on the day of voting outside the premises and on the day of the election itself.

In general, the repeat elections were held in accordance with the procedures and electoral legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. We note high level of competition, record low voter turnout and reports about alleged vote buying. 

According to the CEC, voter turnout on voting day was 22.27%.

The low turnout may be attributed to a number of factors, such as voters’ fatigue from consecutive election campaigns, lack of confidence in candidates, reduced and compressed deadlines, the difficult socio-economic situation in the country, and other similar reasons.

There was a high level of competition in these reruns due to the large number of candidates. The number of female candidates has increased. Also, political parties did not nominate their candidates for these repeat elections, that is, all candidates are self-nominated.

The pre-election period was characterized by less active campaigning in the media space, but active meetings voters, including door-to-door canvassing, as well as violations of the rules of pre-election campaigning.

There is an increase in the activity of candidates in social networks and instant messengers, and at the same time, the practice of disseminating false information about candidates continues.

During the period of the election campaign, there were reports from Common Cause observers about the possible bribery of voters, the interest and campaigning of the chairmen of house and neighborhood committees. Bribery was reported by candidates in both constituencies, but only one criminal case was initiated.

The Foundation notes that the collection of the evidence base has become much more complicated due to the application of new methods and mechanisms. For example, the use of mobile wallets, mobile banking, hidden distribution of money through the cash desks of retail outlets, the implementation of rewards to voters after voting day, etc.

The Foundation notes the suspicious behavior of observers from candidates, pointing to a possible control of the will of voters.

In the process of considering complaints, certain gaps were revealed in the electoral legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, governing the rules for pre-election campaigning, which need to be addressed before the next election campaign.

During the period of the voter lists clarification process and receipt of applications for voting outside the premises, some polling stations were closed and PEC members were not present.

Election Day was held with a low turnout, temporary technical malfunctioning of ABB in a number of polling stations. 

Common Cause will continue its work in the coming days to verify the collected protocols, observe the consideration of complaints and tabulation of election results.. Unfortunately, at PEC 1215, the final protocol was not provided to the Fund's observer.

We note that the process of considering complaints was not objective in all cases. In a number of cases, different sanctions were applied for the same violations, which had a negative impact on the credibility of the CEC and on the practice of considering electoral disputes.

Law enforcement agencies responded to reports of violations of the electoral law. But at the same time, in most cases, they was refused to initiate a criminal case.

To observe the repeat elections of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic in two electoral constituencies, the Foundation deployed 68 short-term observers to 68 polling stations, 7 long-term observers, 2 mobile teams, 4 call center operators to monitor the procedures of pre-election period, opening, voting, counting and tabulation of votes throughout the country. 

Out of 120 polling stations, the Foundation carried out stationary monitoring at 68 polling stations. Mobile teams also monitored outside 38 polling stations. The findings of short-term observation are not representative.

Mobile Voting Day Violations

  • On February 26, mobile voting day violations took place at 45 out of 68 polling stations where the Foundation conducted observation.
  • In all 45 PECs, there were no cases of obstruction to observation and no serious violations that could affect the voting results.
  • In 35 PECs, all precautions/recommendations related to COVID-19 were observed in the procedures for opening polling stations. In 9 PECs, the precautionary measures were only partially observed, and in 1 PEC, the measures were not observed at all.

Election Day Violations

The procedure for opening the polling stations was carried out in accordance with the law in most cases .

  • At 68  polling stations, the drawing of lots was carried out in accordance with the law.
  • The recount of ballots was carried out at 68 polling stations. Empty ballot boxes were demonstrated to the observers of the selected polling stations.
  • Polling stations were mostly accessible to polling stations for voters with disabilities at 52 PECs, while 16 PECs are fully inaccessible.
  • At 51 PECs the recommendations on COVID-19  were fully followed during the opening procedures, at 17  polling stations partially followed the procedures.
  • The received ballots were demonstrated by the Chairman of the PEC to those who presented for visual inspection at all 68 PECs.
  • The rights of a public observer during the observation of the opening procedures were infringed at 1 polling station.
  • The secrecy of the vote was violated during the voting process in one polling station.
  • In 18 PECs, more than 1 to 5 voters, at 7 PECs, from 6 to 10 voters, in 5 PECs, more than 10 voters did not find themselves on the voter lists during the voting process during the day. No such cases were observed in 38 PECs.
  • At 42 PECs, voters complied with COVID-19 related guidance during the day's voting process. At 24 PECs, voters followed only partial recommendations, and at 2 PECs, no recommendations were followed at all.
  • There were queues at 4 PECs during the voting process during the day.
  • At 8 PECs there was a temporary technical inoperability of automated control systems, at 8 PECs there was a temporary technical inoperability of identification equipment.
  • At all 68 PECs, voters were not allowed to vote without going through identification during the voting process during the day.
  • At one PEC 1214, cases of mass transportation of voters were observed.
  • All 68 PECs closed at 20:00.
  • In two PECs 1235 and 1239 mobile teams noticed vote buying, but it was not possible to record a violation or find out in favor of which candidate this was done.

Violations and complaints

I. Pre-election period:

In total, from February 10 to February 25, 2022, 20 reports of violations of electoral legislation were received from public observers of the Public Foundation "Common Cause", of which 2 reports were on violations of the rules of election campaigning, 1 report on vote buying, 17 reports on violations of procedural nature by the PECs.

Violations of the rules of election campaigning: 1 in the Sverdlovsk electoral district and 1 in the Pervomaisky electoral district.

Vote buying: 1 report in the Sverdlovsky electoral district.

Violations of procedural nature by the PECs: 4 reports in the Sverdlovsk electoral district, 13 reports in the Pervomaisky electoral district.

II. Mobile Voting Day the premises on February 26, 2022

On the day of Mobile Voting Day the premises, there were no signals of violations.

III. Report on the day of voting, February 27, 2022

On election day, 10 reports of violations were received.

Of them:

Pressure on the observer: 2 messages in the Sverdlovsk district (one PEC 1345).

Agitation on the Day of Silence: 1 message in the Sverdlovsk District (PEC1331).

Control over the will of voters: 5 messages, 4 of them in the Pervomaisky district1040, 1202, 1210, 1213PECs) and 1 in the Sverdlovsk district PEC1330.

Violation of the secrecy of voting (photo/video filming of the completed ballot): 2 messages. One in the Pervomaisky district PEC 1042 and one in the Sverdlovsk district PEC 1352.

A total of 30 violations were identified.

Of these, 2 complaints were submitted to the CRC, 2 complaints were considered by the CEC Working Group, 19 to DECs, and 2 to PECs.


The Public Foundation "Common Cause" would like to thank all election authorities for their cooperation, as well as its public observers who conducted the monitoring in the pre-election period and on election day throughout the country, and the media for covering the preliminary results of the nonpartisan observation.

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